You can change the look of your Joomla website any time you want. All it takes is a few easy steps:

Click on the Change Template menu item for the site that you want to change:

Make sure you are changing the template for the correct website:

Use the filters to view only the templates that suit the purpose of your website:

You can view a live full-featured demo site of each template by clicking on the Demo link under the template screenshot. When you have chosen your new template click Select:

After you have chosen a template, a new menu will appear allowing you to choose between installing the template blank or with full sample data:

If you choose the option with Sample data, your site's structure, images and articles will be changed to look exactly as you see them in the demo. You will be able to simply replace the sample text with your own. This option is recommended for people without previous experience with Joomla! CMS. Later you can still experiment with changing the default images and altering the website structure.

If you apply a Blank template, you will have to build your own site structure from scratch, using the multiple options of the template. This option is recommended for people with some experience with Joomla! CMS.

IMPORTANT: Applying the template with Sample data will replace all current data on your website and it will be lost. If you have already made changes to your website that you do not want to be lost, we recommend that you install the Blank version of the new template.

When you have made your choice, press Apply. The new template will be installed and applied and you will be able to see the new look of your website within seconds.