Self-help in the multiple online resources is a free service and we make no commitment that any particular level of personalized support will be available at any time. Users are strongly encouraged to take advantage of all existing Joomla resources for self-help whenever they have a question. Recommended self-help resources:

Comment under relevant support topics support section contains topics that are specific for the users. These include the dashboard, the specific templates and extensions provided with the service, etc. If you have a question related to any of these topics please follow the steps below:

  1. Find the most relevant topic to your question
  2. Search for the answer in the main article text or the comments below
  3. Post your own question as a comment, if you have not found the answer
  4. Always add the name of your website when asking a question.

Please be advised that questions asked in the wrong category, duplicate questions, and questions missing information about your site have a much lower chance to be addressed and may even be deleted.

Community help with general Joomla CMS questions

Questions that are related to the use of the Joomla! CMS admin itself and are not specific to service, may be already addressed in the Joomla community support forum. We advise users to search through the forum carefully for relevant existing topics before posting their question. Keep in mind that the forum is moderated by volunteers and your questions will be answered by people, who have spared part of their free time to help you, so be respectful.