You can have up to 10 free websites in your user area. Adding an additional website is really quick and easy. All you need to do is follow these steps:

Where is the option for starting a new site?

Go to Start New Site (you can find it in the drop down menu or in the Quick Links section in the right-hand side navigation):

Choosing your site name

Now you can choose your site name - it could be any combination between 4-50 characters containing Latin letters, numbers, and/or a dash.

Template options

You can start your website with the default Joomla template or choose a design from our collection of responsive templates by clicking on Choose from gallery. (Even if you start with the default, you can always change it easily later, as explained here). If you have decided to choose your template now our template gallery will be displayed. Use the filters to view only the templates that suit the purpose of your website:

You can view a live full-featured demo site of each template by clicking on the Demo link under the template screenshot. When you have chosen your new template click Select.

After you have selected a template, a new menu will appear, allowing you to choose between installing the template blank or with full sample data:

If you choose the option with sample data, your site will be launched with all the structure, images and articles you see in the demo. You will be able to simply replace the sample text with your own. This is the easiest way to get started and the option is recommended for people without previous experience with Joomla! CMS. Later you can still experiment with changing the default images and altering the website structure.

If you start with a blank option, you will have to build your own site structure from scratch, using the multiple options of the template.  This option is recommended for people with some experience with Joomla! CMS.  

When you have made a decision about the template you want to use, just press the Launch button and you will have a fresh installation of Joomla in a few seconds.