If you want to get more features for your website, including unlimited Joomla installations, free domain name, professional support, and more; our partners from SiteGround have a special offer for you. To start the process, click Upgrade for the site you want to upgrade, and follow the steps:

During the upgrade process, you will be asked whether you want your Joomla.com transferred to your new hosting account. If you choose not to have it transferred, you will get a clean hosting account, where you can start with a fresh Joomla! install. Your Joomla.com website will remain active and as is in your dashboard.

If you choose to have your Joomla.com website transferred, you can check on the transfer progress by viewing your ticket inside the Support tab of SiteGround’s User Area. Once the transfer is complete, you will have received a confirmation and access information about your site inside the ticket.

After the transfer is complete, your Joomla.com subdomain will be added as a parked domain inside your cPanel. This will point it to the new location of your site, which will allow you to work on it immediately, without having to wait for the DNS propagation of your new website domain. Once your new domain is propagated, your site will be accessible from both domains. After 15 days, your Joomla.com subdomain will become inactive.

If you want your Joomla.com subdomain completely redirected to your new domain, instead of being parked, you can contact the SiteGround support.

IMPORTANT: Please note that if you successfully upgrade a website, and request it to be transferred, it will be moved to SiteGround. It will immediately become inactive in your Joomla.com dashboard.