Launching your first website takes just a few clicks. You can choose your template at sign up, or start quickly with the default template and then change it at a later stage.

Quick sign up with default template

To launch your first site all you need to do is to choose your site name, provide your email address and create a password for your account:

You will then receive a verification email and by clicking on the link inside you will be done! If you do not receive your verification email, or experience other verification difficulties, you can register your account anew once your previous link has expired (24 hours). 

Your website will be launched and will look like this, ready to be edited:

Choose a template from the start

If you wish you can also choose the template you want to use while signing up. You just need to click on the select button on any template you like:

Then you will be asked to choose how you want your template installed:

If you choose the option with Sample data, your site will be launched with the structure, images and articles you see in the demo. You will be able to simply replace the sample text with your own. This is the easiest way to get started and the option is recommended for people without previous experience with Joomla! CMS. Later you can still experiment with changing the default images and altering the website structure.

If you start with a Blank template, you will have to build your own site structure from scratch, using the multiple options of the template. This option is recommended for people with some experience with Joomla! CMS.

Once you have decided on the template options, you can finish the sign up by providing your site name, and login information.