Adding social media buttons makes it easy for visitors to spread your content and helps with popularizing your website. You can easily add sharing buttons on your website with our inbuilt plugin. Follow the steps outlined in this tutorial to learn how to enable it.

Go to Extensions -> Plugin manager in the main menu:

Find the module named SiteGround – Social buttons. You can use the search to find the relevant module as the list of modules might be long:

In the next screen you will see all the options of the plugin. In Mode you can choose whether you want social media buttons to be included or excluded only on articles of certain categories. In the Included/Excluded categories field, you can define where the buttons will appear:

In Position you can define whether the buttons will be displayed before or after your content. You can also choose to show the buttons in both locations:

Here is what the buttons will look like in each position:

Load event defines whether the buttons will be loaded when the visitors scrolls to them or when they hover the mouse over them:

The next section controls which social media network buttons you want to display. By default all are enabled, but you might want to hide some by disabling them:

Make sure Status is set to Enabled and Access to Public before hitting Save & Close: