will send you important system notices related to your account management on the email address you have provided. It will also be your username for your dashboard. It is important that you always provide a correct and active email address, to which you have access in order to ensure the integrity of your account. You can update your email/username at any time following the steps below:

Go to the profile menu and click on Change Details:

Click on Change email, enter the new email address you want to use and click Save:

An email is sent to the new address with a verification link. Click (or copy&paste) the link to verify your new email address. Once verified, the new email address will become your new username and new point of contact for us.

Information about the username/email address change will be also sent to your previous email address. This is done as a security procedure that aims to prevent unauthorized email changes for your account. If you receive such an email and have not initiated the change yourself, you will be able to revert back to your old email address within 7 days. If something like this happens, we strongly recommend that you also change your password.

IMPORTANT: The link in the email is valid only for 7 days. After that, you no longer have the option to revert the email address, and you can only change it by visiting the user area.