Joomla has been translated to 50 + more languages by some amazing Joomla volunteers from all over the world. If you prefer to change the default English language of your website and/or administrator just follow the easy steps below:

Locating the Joomla Language manager

To change the default language of the front-end and/or the back-end of your website you need to access the Language Manager in your Joomla admin area. 

Changing the default language of the Joomla admin panel

To change the language of your admin area select Installed - Administrator and then click on the star for the language you want to be default for your website backend:

This will immediately change the language of your administrator area for all users, who do not have a custom language set in their accounts and use the default one:

Changing the default language of the front-end of your site

If you want any system text on your site to be displayed in a different language than the initial English default, select Installed - Site and click the star next to your language of choice to make it default for your site:

This will immediately change the system texts on your website  and they will be displayed in your newly-set default language:

Changing the admin language per user

If you are running a website with multiple contributors, some of them might want to use Joomla in a different language than your default one. Every user can use the admin panel of Joomla in a language of their choice.

To change the language only for a certain profile, go to Users -> User Manager:

Here, click on the user whose default language you want to change. (By default your Joomla is initially setup with a single user, called Administrator):

On the next screen click on the Basic Settings tab. You will see a list of options you can manage:

Pick the language you want for the admin of this user in the Backend Language field then click Save & Close. If you are changing the language for the user you are logged in with, you should see the new language of the admin panel immediately: